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bedpan a shallow pan for use as a toilet by one who cannot get out of bed.
broiler a device used for broiling food, such as a grill, pan, or compartment in a stove. [1/2 definitions]
deep-fry to fry in a deep pan with enough fat or oil to cover what is being cooked.
dishpan a large pan in which dirty dishes, pots, and the like are washed.
dustpan a shovel-shaped pan with a short handle into which dust is swept for disposal.
fryer one that fries, esp. a pan for frying food in deep fat. [1/2 definitions]
frying pan a shallow pan with a long handle, used for frying food.
grease to cover or smear (a cooking pan) with grease. [1/4 definitions]
griddle a flat pan or flat heated surface used in cooking. [1/2 definitions]
pan to wash (gravel, sand, or the like) in a pan to remove gold or other precious metals. [2/6 definitions]
Pan-Americanism any policy or theory advocating mutual aid and cooperation among the Pan-American nations, such as the establishment of political, economic, military, and cultural alliances.
pan-broil to cook over direct heat in an uncovered frying pan, using little or no grease.
pancake a flat round cake of batter fried on both sides on a griddle or frying pan; hotcake; griddlecake. [2/4 definitions]
panfish any freshwater fish small enough to be cooked whole in a frying pan, such as a sunfish.
pan-fry to fry in a skillet or frying pan with a small amount of fat.
panhandle1 the handle of a pan. [1/2 definitions]
pie1 a pastry crust filled with meat, cheese, fruit, or other filling, sometimes covered with a layer of crust, and baked in a shallow pan.
poacher2 a pan used for poaching eggs or fish.
red-eye gravy gravy made from the juices of fried ham, usu. by adding coffee and water to the pan.
roaster a suitable pan, appliance, or other device for roasting meat. [1/3 definitions]
saucepan a fairly deep, usu. metal cooking pan with a long handle.