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adding machine a machine, often used by businesses, that is able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, esp. one that prints the work on paper.
air letter a sheet of very lightweight paper that may be folded into an envelope for mailing abroad; aerogramme. [1/2 definitions]
aluminum sulfate a white, water-soluble substance used to purify water, manufacture paper, and fix dyes.
antichlor any of several substances used to remove excess chlorine bleach from materials, such as paper or fabric, that have been bleached.
bag a flexible container, usu. made of cloth, paper, or leather, and used to hold things; sack; pouch. [1/11 definitions]
bagasse a type of paper made from such pulp. [1/2 definitions]
bail2 a hinged bar on a typewriter that holds the paper in place. [1/2 definitions]
ballot a piece of paper on which a voter enters his or her vote. [1/6 definitions]
bankroll a roll of paper money. [1/3 definitions]
bibliophile a lover or collector of books, esp. for the fine or rare physical qualities of their paper, printing, binding, or the like.
bill1 a piece of paper money. [1/7 definitions]
billfold a folding case for carrying paper money, often of leather and usu. small enough to fit into a pocket; wallet.
blot a stain or spot, esp. of ink on paper. [1/8 definitions]
blotter a piece of absorbent paper used to blot ink or to protect a writing surface. [1/2 definitions]
blotting paper a soft thick absorbent paper used to blot excess ink from a piece of writing; blotter.
bond a piece of paper issued by a person, government, or corporation, signifying debt and promising repayment and interest money. [2/6 definitions]
bond paper a high-grade paper with some proportion of rag content, used for stationery and documents; bond.
book a collection of bound paper sheets, usu. containing written or printed words. [1/13 definitions]
booklet a small book, usu. with paper covers; pamphlet.
bookmark a strip of leather, fabric, or paper placed between pages to mark a place in a book. [1/2 definitions]
bookplate a label indicating ownership that is pasted on the front end paper of a book.