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alpha particle a positively charged particle given off as radiation from some fission or decay processes, consisting of two protons and two neutrons.
baryon in physics, a heavy subatomic particle of half-integral spin, such as a proton, neutron, or hyperon.
capsid the outer protein shell of a virus particle that surrounds its nucleic acid.
centrifugal force a force that tends to pull a particle or body outward, away from the axis around which it rotates. (Cf. centripetal force.)
centripetal force a force that tends to pull a particle or body toward the axis around which it rotates. (Cf. centrifugal force.)
chromodynamics in particle physics, the theory of the strong interaction between quarks and gluons, fundamental particles that form hadrons such as the proton and neutron.
corpuscle a very small particle of matter, such as a photon or electron. [1/2 definitions]
culm1 particle waste from coal screening. [1/3 definitions]
delta ray any particle emitted from matter following bombardment by ionizing radiation.
deuteron a particle composed of one proton and one neutron that is equivalent to the nucleus of a deuterium atom and that has a positive charge.
electron a negatively charged particle, considered a fundamental unit of matter, that exists independently or outside the nucleus of an atom.
excite in physics, to raise (an atom, particle, or molecule) to a state of higher energy. [1/5 definitions]
field magnet a magnet used to produce and maintain a magnetic field in an electrical device such as a motor, generator, or particle accelerator.
fundamental particle an elementary particle.
gluon in physics theory, a massless particle or type of energy that binds quarks together and thus forms protons, neutrons, and the like.
grain any tiny, hard particle. [1/11 definitions]
granule a small particle or grain.
graviton in physics, a theoretical particle that acts as the unit of gravitational energy.
hadron in particle physics, any particle made up of quarks and held together by the strong force.
interparticle combined form of particle.
ion an electrically charged particle created in a gas, as by an electric discharge. [1/2 definitions]