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across so as to pass over at an angle; in or to a crosswise position. [1/6 definitions]
airproof not allowing air to pass or penetrate. [1/2 definitions]
areaway a sunken area in front of basement doors or windows allowing access from outside, or permitting light and air to pass through. [1/2 definitions]
armhole an opening in a garment meant for the arm to pass through, as into a sleeve.
bandy to exchange or pass back and forth between two or more people, often competitively. [1/4 definitions]
bequeath pass on or transfer, as to one of a younger generation. [1/2 definitions]
betide to come to pass; happen. [1/2 definitions]
button to pass (a button) through a slit or loop. [1/7 definitions]
censure to pass a resolution of censure against (a person). [1/4 definitions]
clear to pass by or near (something) without striking. [2/22 definitions]
cleave2 to penetrate or pass through as if by splitting. [1/6 definitions]
col a pass or gap between mountains.
complete in American football, denoting a forward pass that has been caught by its intended receiver. [1/6 definitions]
completion in football, a forward pass that has been caught. [1/3 definitions]
concourse a large open space, as in a railway station, where many people pass or gather. [1/5 definitions]
course to pass quickly over or through. [1/10 definitions]
cover to pass over a certain distance; travel. [1/13 definitions]
cover ground to pass over an area. [1/2 definitions]
cross to pass across or intersect. [2/16 definitions]
cycle to move in or pass through cycles. [1/7 definitions]
depart to pass away; die. [1/4 definitions]