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asphalt to pave or cover with asphalt. [1/4 definitions]
blacktop to pave with blacktop. [1/3 definitions]
brick to construct or pave with brick. [1/6 definitions]
cobble1 to pave using cobblestones. [1/3 definitions]
macadamize to build, pave, or repair (a road) with compacted layers of crushed stone.
pebble to cover or pave with pebbles. [1/4 definitions]
pitch2 to pave, seal, or cover with pitch. [1/3 definitions]
repave combined form of pave.
slab to cover thickly or pave with slabs. [1/3 definitions]
stone to provide, fit, pave, or reinforce with stones. [1/10 definitions]