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accelerator a mechanical device that regulates the speed of something, esp. the gas pedal of a car. [1/3 definitions]
clutch1 the lever, pedal, or the like that activates such a device. [1/9 definitions]
harmonium a small keyboard organ that produces tones when air from a pedal-operated bellows is drawn through metal reeds.
high-hat2 a pair of cymbals mounted on a stand and struck together by means of a foot pedal, used esp. by drummers in jazz and rock bands.
paddle wheel an engine-driven or pedal-operated wheel that has boards or paddles fixed at right angles around its circumference, used to propel a boat, esp. a river steamboat.
pedal to operate or use a pedal or pedals. [3/7 definitions]
soft-pedal to use the pedal on a piano that mutes the tone. [2/3 definitions]
soft pedal a pedal, as on a piano, used to soften musical tones.
stoplight a light on the back of a vehicle that lights up when the driver presses the brake pedal; brake light. [1/2 definitions]
throttle a pedal, lever, handle, or the like that opens or closes such a valve. [1/5 definitions]
wah-wah a similar sound produced by a pedal-controlled electronic device and used with any instrument, esp. an electric guitar. [1/2 definitions]