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amerce to punish by a fine or penalty, esp. a penalty not specified in law.
capital1 referring to the death penalty. [1/10 definitions]
comeuppance (informal) a reprimand or other unpleasant penalty for one's previous bad behavior.
confiscate to seize (private property) for public use or ownership, either as penalty or repayment. [1/3 definitions]
doom a judgment or decision made by a court, esp. one accompanied by a severe penalty or punishment. [1/5 definitions]
fine2 a sum of money charged as a penalty for a crime or offense. [2 definitions]
forfeit something demanded or given up as a penalty for neglect, misdeeds, or other failure to act as required by law, contract, or rules. [4/6 definitions]
foul line in basketball, a line fifteen feet from the backboard, from which a player may shoot unimpeded after a penalty has been imposed on the other team; free-throw line. [1/3 definitions]
grace period extra time allowed after a specified date or term has passed, during which an obligation, such as the repayment of a debt or the return of something borrowed, may be fulfilled without penalty.
indemnity a legal exemption from liability or penalty incurred. [1/3 definitions]
infamous stripped of certain rights as a citizen upon conviction of certain crimes such as treason, or pertaining to crimes involving such a penalty. [1/2 definitions]
mulct a fine, tax, or penalty. [1/3 definitions]
on pain of subject to the penalty or punishment of.
penalize to inflict a penalty on (a person or group). [1/3 definitions]
penalty kick in rugby, one of several choices of free kick awarded to a team as penalty for a violation by the other team. [1/2 definitions]
power play a situation, as in hockey, in which one team is shorthanded because one or more players are in the penalty box. [1/3 definitions]
punish to impose a penalty on (someone) for a real or imagined offense. [2/4 definitions]
punishment a penalty imposed for a real or imagined offense. [3/4 definitions]
sanction something intended to ensure compliance with a law, such as a penalty for disobedience. [1/8 definitions]
scratch in pool or billiards, a shot that results in a penalty, esp. when the cue ball jumps the cushion or enters a pocket. [1/22 definitions]
servitude compulsory labor as a criminal penalty. [1/2 definitions]