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accompanist one who provides a musical accompaniment, esp. on a piano.
arabesque a brief piece of highly ornamented music, usu. written for piano. [1/4 definitions]
bagatelle a brief musical piece, esp. for the piano. [1/3 definitions]
ballade a romantic musical composition, often for the piano. [1/2 definitions]
boogie-woogie strongly rhythmic piano jazz in which the melody is accompanied throughout by a repeated bass pattern that uses chiefly eighth notes.
clavichord an early soft-toned keyboard instrument, recognized as the forerunner of the piano, with strings that are struck by metal wedges attached to the end of each key.
clavier any musical instrument that has a keyboard, esp. one like the harpsichord or piano that has strings. [2 definitions]
comp1 to play an accompaniment to jazz music, as on a piano or guitar, often of syncopated chords.
concert grand the largest size of grand piano, used esp. for concert performances.
four-handed for four hands, as a piece of piano music. [1/3 definitions]
glissando performed by playing or sounding a rapid succession of consecutive tones of a scale, as by sliding one or more fingers over the keys of a piano. [1/3 definitions]
grand a grand piano. [1/6 definitions]
hammer any of various mallets or levers that strike to produce a sound, as on a piano or doorbell. [1/14 definitions]
harpsichord a musical instrument with one or two keyboards that is similar to the piano except that its strings are plucked when the keys are pressed, producing tones that are short and unsustainable.
honky-tonk of or related to a style of ragtime music typically performed on a piano with muffled strings. [1/3 definitions]
impromptu a short musical composition, esp. for the piano, that seems like an improvisation. [1/3 definitions]
instrument any of various devices for producing music, such as a trumpet or piano. [1/7 definitions]
ivory (informal; often pl.) something made of or resembling ivory, such as piano keys, dice, or a set of human teeth. [1/7 definitions]
keyboard a row or rows of keys used to operate a piano, typewriter, computer, or the like. [2/4 definitions]
pedal a foot-operated lever on a musical instrument, esp. a piano. [1/7 definitions]
percussion instrument a musical instrument, such as a drum, cymbal, xylophone, or piano, in which the sound is produced when some part is struck.