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la mode served with an ice cream topping, as pie or other desserts, or braised with vegetables and served in a rich brown gravy, as beef. [1/2 definitions]
cobbler a deep-dish fruit pie with a thick crust only on the top. [1/3 definitions]
deep-dish pie a pie, usu. of fruit, baked in a deep dish, often with a crust only on the top.
flute an indentation, groove, or furrow, as in pleated cloth or along the edge of a pie crust. [1/8 definitions]
humble pie formerly, a pie made from the inner parts of a hog or deer.
Key lime pie a pie with a filling made of condensed milk and lime juice.
mince pie a pie with a mincemeat filling.
pandowdy a deep-dish fruit pie with a thick crust on top, often sweetened with molasses.
pastry a dough of flour, shortening, and water that is baked and used for pie crusts and the like. [1/2 definitions]
pasty2 a small pie filled with chopped, seasoned meat, fish, or vegetables.
potpie a pie made with meat or poultry, vegetables, and sauce, topped with a single pastry crust and baked in a deep oven dish.
puff pastry a light flaky pastry that puffs when baked, made by rolling and folding the dough before baking and used for croissants, pie shells, tarts, and the like.
sector in geometry, a figure shaped like a piece of pie and determined by an arc of a circle and the two radii that intersect the endpoints of it. [1/4 definitions]