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barbed emotionally wounding; piercing. [1/2 definitions]
cutting uncomfortably piercing or chilling. [1/5 definitions]
meadowlark one of two North American songbirds that nest in open fields, have yellow breasts marked by a black chevron, and are known for their sweet, piercing song.
mouthpart (usu. pl.) any of several mouth structures of arthropods that are specially adapted for grasping, biting, piercing, or sucking.
penetrating able to penetrate, or seeming to do so; piercing. [1/2 definitions]
penetration the act or process of piercing the defenses or discovering the secrets of an opponent, or the degree of success in so doing. [1/3 definitions]
perfoliate designating a leaf with a base that surrounds the stem, which appears to be growing through or piercing the leaf.
poignant deeply touching; arousing strong emotion, esp. sadness or sympathy; piercing; penetrating.
scream to make a shrill, piercing cry or sound. [2/6 definitions]
sharp having a thin edge or a fine point, esp. for cutting or piercing; not blunt. [2/13 definitions]
shooting felt as traveling painfully through or piercing part of the body. [1/2 definitions]
shrill having, producing, or characterized by a high piercing sound. [2/4 definitions]
siren a warning device that produces a loud, piercing noise, used esp. in firehouses and on police or emergency vehicles. [1/6 definitions]
skirl to produce shrill piercing tones, as of a bagpipe. [2 definitions]
stabbing sudden and piercing, as a pain. [1/2 definitions]
trumpet a brass wind instrument with three valves atop a looped tube that ends in a flared bell, which produces bright, strong, often piercing tones. [2/9 definitions]