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ache to feel pity, compassion, or sadness. [1/4 definitions]
ai1 used as an expression of distress, pity, surprise, or the like.
bathos false or very excessive sentimentality, esp. in order to evoke pity; mawkishness. [1/2 definitions]
bemoan to express pity or sorrow for. [1/3 definitions]
commiserate to express pity or sympathy for. [1/2 definitions]
have pity on to treat mercifully or help because of pity.
heartless having or showing no pity or compassion; cruelly unfeeling.
inhumane lacking pity, compassion, or kindness; not humane.
inhumanity lack of pity, sympathy, or kindness; cruelty. [1/2 definitions]
malapropism the humorous or ridiculous misuse of a word, esp. by using a word that sounds similar to the correct word, but whose meaning is inappropriate, as in "waddling in self-pity," rather than "wallowing".
merciful compassionate or forgiving; taking pity; showing mercy.
obdurate unpersuadable through logic, pity, or sentiment; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]
pathetic arousing feelings of pity, sorrow, or tender concern. [1/2 definitions]
pathos a quality in life or art that evokes pity, sadness, or compassion. [2 definitions]
piteous worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; pitiable.
pitiable worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; piteous. [1/2 definitions]
pitiful worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; pitiable. [1/2 definitions]
pitiless having or demonstrating no pity or mercy; ruthless.
rueful inspiring sorrow or pity. [1/2 definitions]
self-pity a feeling of sorrow for oneself or one's troubles, esp. an exaggerated sense of sorrow or pity.
sob story a tale of personal problems meant to arouse pity in others. [1/2 definitions]