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alluvial of or pertaining to a flood plain or to sediment deposited by flowing water.
Anglo-Saxon Old English, or the plain, blunt modern English derived from it. [2/5 definitions]
apparent visible, plain, or clearly seen. [1/3 definitions]
arroyo a steep ditch or gully, usu. dry, carved in a plain or desert by drainage of heavy rainfall.
austere having nothing more than what is strictly necessary; very simple or plain. [1/3 definitions]
bajada a smooth, sloping plain along the base of a mountain range, formed by eroded debris deposited by moving water.
bald having no supplementary details or ornamentation; plain; bare. [1/4 definitions]
bare without qualification; plain. [1/6 definitions]
barrack (usu. pl.) a large, plain building or group of buildings, esp. used as temporary housing for soldiers. [1/3 definitions]
biscuit (chiefly British) a small, thin, crisp, plain or savory cake; cracker. [1/4 definitions]
boulangerie (French) a bakery that specializes in bread, rolls, and other plain baked goods.
branch water plain water when mixed with liquor. [1/2 definitions]
brutal unpleasantly plain and direct. [1/3 definitions]
cachepot an ornamental container into which the plain pot of a houseplant is set and thus concealed from view.
cassimere a twilled or plain wool worsted, used for men's suits.
challis a soft, light, plain-woven fabric in a solid color or small print.
champaign level, open land; a plain. [1/2 definitions]
clear unmistakable; plain. [1/22 definitions]
clearness the quality or state of being clear, plain, or distinct.
debouch of a river or the like, to flow from a narrow valley into a larger channel or open plain. [1/4 definitions]
evince to show or manifest clearly; give evidence of; make plain. [1/2 definitions]