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ace a playing card or die face that bears only one spot. [1/7 definitions]
card table a small square table with folding legs, designed for playing card games.
club a black clover-shaped figure on a playing card, or a card bearing such a figure. [1/7 definitions]
deal1 the act of distributing playing cards in a card game. [1/13 definitions]
deck a pack of playing cards. [1/6 definitions]
deuce1 in games and sports, a two, esp. a playing card or face of a die with a value of two. [1/2 definitions]
diamond any shape resembling this, such as the red figure designating one suit in a deck of playing cards. [2/7 definitions]
draw to pick or be dealt (a playing card). [1/19 definitions]
face card any king, queen, or jack in a regular deck of playing cards.
flush4 a hand or set of playing cards all of the same suit, of special value in certain card games.
joker in a deck of playing cards, a card, usu. one of two such, that has no suit or denomination, is used as a wild card in certain games, and usu. bears a picture of a court jester. [1/4 definitions]
king a playing card with the image of a king. [1/4 definitions]
misdeal to deal (a deck of playing cards) incorrectly. [2 definitions]
pip1 a small spot, such as one of the dots on a die or domino, or one of the suit markings on a playing card.
queen a playing card having the picture of a queen. [1/5 definitions]
shuffle to rearrange playing cards in a random order by separating parts of the deck and interleaving them with the remainder. [3/8 definitions]
spade2 a black figure shaped like a pointed leaf with a short stem, used on playing cards. [1/4 definitions]
suit all the playing cards of a single kind in a deck of cards. In games such as poker or bridge, the suits are clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. [1/10 definitions]
tarot (sometimes cap.) any of a set of twenty-two playing cards that bear allegorical pictures, used in fortunetelling and as the trump cards in a game played with seventy-eight cards.
trey a playing card, die, domino, or the like with three pips.