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chubby plump and round.
fat having excessive nonmuscular flesh; plump; obese. [1/10 definitions]
fatten to become plump or fat (often followed by up). [1/4 definitions]
flesh to become fleshy or plump (often fol. by out). [1/9 definitions]
grouse1 any of a variety of plump game fowls that have mottled plumage and are distinguished by often elaborate male courtship displays.
Kewpie trademark for a small doll with plump rosy cheeks and large eyes.
marrowfat a variety of pea having large, plump seeds.
roly-poly short and plump, as a person; rotund. [1/2 definitions]
rotund round or full in shape; plump; stout. [1/2 definitions]
tubby short and plump; chubby.
well-fed properly nourished, sometimes to the point of overindulgence; plump.