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affirmative action a policy or program, supported by U. S. government regulations, to give equal opportunity in employment, college admissions, and the like to those considered previously disadvantaged, such as women and certain racial minority groups.
anti (informal) a person opposing a particular group, practice, value, or policy.
apartheid a policy of racial segregation, esp. the segregation of blacks and whites and the discrimination against blacks in the Republic of South Africa.
appeasement the policy of making concessions to aggressors in order to keep the peace. [1/2 definitions]
autarky a national policy of economic self-sufficiency, involving not relying on economic aid or on imports. [1/2 definitions]
backtrack to go back to an earlier opinion or policy. [1/2 definitions]
beneficiary one who receives or is designated to receive benefits, as of a will or insurance policy. [1/2 definitions]
big stick political or military power, displayed or implied to intimidate or gain cooperation from potential adversaries, esp. as a foreign policy.
brain trust a group of experts who advise a government's, company's, or other organization's administrators on policy matters.
catch-and-release in fishing, a policy of conservation that requires fish to be released back into the wild after being caught.
caucus a private meeting of leaders of a political party to choose candidates or determine policy, or such a group itself. [1/2 definitions]
censorship the act or policy of censoring.
chain store one of a group of retail stores that are under the same ownership or central management system and that follow a uniform marketing policy.
civil disobedience the intentional, nonviolent refusal to comply with a government law or requirement, in order to try to influence the government to change some law, policy, or the like.
claim title or right to something, such as payment required by the terms of an insurance policy or the like. [1/8 definitions]
colonialism the policy or practices of a nation extending or maintaining control over previously independent territories.
containment a government policy, enacted in a variety of ways, that is intended to curb the territorial growth, economic expansion, or ideological influence of a hostile nation. [1/3 definitions]
cui bono usefulness as a basis on which to judge the value of something such as an act or policy. [1/2 definitions]
deductible an insurance policy containing a stipulation that the insurer will pay only amounts remaining after a given amount is paid by the insured party. [1/5 definitions]
deficit financing a governmental policy of borrowing to finance government spending.
deliberative organized or convened to debate issues formally for the purpose of determining policy. [1/2 definitions]