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allotment in the U.S. military, the portion of a person's salary authorized for payment directly to another party, such as a dependent. [1/2 definitions]
annular eclipse an eclipse of the sun in which a ring-shaped portion of the sun remains visible around the moon.
Arabian Desert a very arid region occupying a large portion of the Arabian Peninsula and stretching into Jordan and Iraq.
audio in television or film, the sound portion of a program or broadcast. (Cf. video.) [1/3 definitions]
auricle the visible, projecting portion of the ear. [1/3 definitions]
backside (informal) the fleshy portion of the body upon which one sits; buttocks. [2 definitions]
backstretch the straight portion of a racetrack following the first turn. (Cf. homestretch.)
bastion a pentagon-shaped portion of a rampart or fortification that projects outward. [1/3 definitions]
body a large portion of land, water, air, or other matter with specific boundaries. [1/7 definitions]
bonded debt the portion of a corporation's or state's indebtedness that is represented by the bonds it has issued.
bonus an extra portion or item given free, usu. as an incentive to buy something. [1/3 definitions]
bosom the portion of a garment that covers the breasts. [1/7 definitions]
buffer1 in computer terminology, a portion of the hardware used to hold information temporarily. [1/6 definitions]
bulk the larger portion of something; most. [1/7 definitions]
bulwark (usu. pl.) the portion of the side of a ship that extends above the upper deck. [1/4 definitions]
bunt2 the drooping portion of a fishing net or cloth object. [1/2 definitions]
bust1 a sculpture or other representation of the upper portion of the human body from the head to the shoulders or chest. [1/2 definitions]
cake a flattish oblong or round portion of food, formed or poured, and usu. baked or fried. [1/4 definitions]
cantle a portion or corner, as of land, cut off from a larger whole. [1/2 definitions]
chop1 a portion or thick slice, esp. of meat. [1/8 definitions]
Christmas the portion of the year associated with this day, often December 24 to January 6. [1/3 definitions]