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absolute unquestionable; positive. [1/7 definitions]
accept to make a positive reply to (an invitation or the like). [1/6 definitions]
allegation an assertion made in the absence of positive proof. [1/3 definitions]
allege to assert in the absence of positive proof. [1/3 definitions]
approval favor, sanction, or positive regard. [1/2 definitions]
atomic number the number of protons or positive electrical charges in the nucleus of one atom of a given element. [1/2 definitions]
bad not positive; unfavorable. [1/9 definitions]
benefit anything that provides an advantage or produces a positive result. [2/5 definitions]
cathode the positive terminal of a battery. (Cf. anode.)
cation an ion with a positive charge. (Cf. anion.)
certainty the state of being assured, confident, or positive. [1/2 definitions]
cheer to become more positive in feeling and attitude (usu. fol. by "up"). [1/9 definitions]
covariance in statistics, a measure of how two variables are related, equal to the product of the deviation of each variable from its mean. In positive covariance, the two variables (such as temperature and air conditioner use) are directly related and follow the same trend. In negative covariance, the two variables (such as temperature and heater use) are inversely related and follow opposite trends.
critical of the nature of a crisis; being at the very highest point of danger but still allowing the possibility of a positive outcome. [1/6 definitions]
default failure to take positive action; neglect. [1/14 definitions]
deuteron a particle composed of one proton and one neutron that is equivalent to the nucleus of a deuterium atom and that has a positive charge.
dipole a polar molecule in which the centers of the positive charges are different from the centers of the negative charges. [1/3 definitions]
dynamic characterized by constant activity, forward movement, or change, often with positive results. [1/5 definitions]
ear1 friendly or positive attention. [1/4 definitions]
electropositive containing a positive electrical charge. [1/2 definitions]
factorial the product of a given series of whole numbers, achieved by multiplying a specific positive integer by all lesser positive integers.