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absolute zero the lowest possible temperature for any known substance, equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius or -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.
afford to provide or make possible. [1/3 definitions]
all most or greatest possible. [1/12 definitions]
ambiguous having two or more possible meanings or interpretations. [1/2 definitions]
ASAP abbreviation of "as soon as possible" (sometimes pronounced as an acronym.)
atom an invisible component of any element, consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, once considered the smallest possible unit of matter. [1/2 definitions]
at worst under the worst possible circumstances; in the worst possible case or from the worst perspective.
best-case scenario the best possible way that things could proceed from a particular point on.
bowline a rope used to keep the weather edge of a square sail pulled forward and the sail as flat as possible when sailing close-hauled. [1/2 definitions]
by all odds in every conceivable or possible way; undoubtedly.
by any means in any way possible; somehow.
by hook in any possible way, using any possible means.
change ringing the art of ringing a harmoniously tuned set of bells or chimes in every possible sequence without repetition.
checkmate in the game of chess, a winning maneuver in which the opponent's king piece is brought under direct attack and from which escape is not possible. [2/3 definitions]
chigger a tiny parasitic mite larva that lives in the skin of vertebrates, causing severe itching and possible spreading of infectious disease. [1/2 definitions]
chock as close as possible. [1/3 definitions]
chuck-a-luck a gambling game in which players bet on the possible values of three rolled dice.
clean room an enclosed space kept as free as possible of any contaminants such as dust or germs, as for the production of highly sensitive precision parts.
close-hauled with the sails trimmed very flat for sailing as close as possible to the wind.
come to evolve to a point where something is possible. [1/12 definitions]
confidence game any swindle made possible by first gaining the confidence of the victim; con game; con.