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APO abbreviation of "Army Post Office."
billposter one who is hired to post notices or advertisements.
bitt a strong post standing, usu. as one of a pair, on the deck of a ship, around which cables and lines are wound and caught, as in mooring. [2/3 definitions]
callboard a backstage bulletin board in a theater, used by the director, stage manager, and the like to post notices or instructions.
capstan a vertical drum or post on a ship, rotated to hoist weights, such as an anchor, by winding in rope or cable. [1/2 definitions]
chaise a four-wheeled coach used for rapid transport of mail and passengers in former times; post chaise. [1/3 definitions]
commandant the commanding officer of a military post or of a military organization such as the U.S. Marine Corps.
commissary a store that sells food and other goods, esp. at a military post or work camp. [1/2 definitions]
dead letter a letter that the post office is unable to deliver or return, usu. because of an incorrect address or the lack of a return address. [1/2 definitions]
desert2 to abandon or forsake one's military post, duties, or obligations (sometimes fol. by "from"). [1/3 definitions]
deserter someone who abandons or forsakes his or her military post, duties, or obligations.
Early American of or characteristic of the colonial and post-colonial periods of U.S. history, esp. of the furniture, utensils, quilts, and other handicrafts produced during this time.
episcopate the office, term, or post of a bishop. [1/3 definitions]
Facebook a U.S. corporation that developed a social media service in 2004. Users of this service can post status updates and exchange messages with a designated group of other users called "friends." [1/2 definitions]
fort a permanent military post. [1/2 definitions]
fourth-class as fourth-class mail; parcel post. [1/2 definitions]
FPO abbreviation of "fleet post office."
gatepost an upright post on which a gate is hung by hinges or to which it is attached when closed.
general delivery mail held at the post office for pickup. [1/2 definitions]
Generation X the generation following the post-WWII baby boom, esp. those born in the U.S. and Canada in the 1960s and 1970s.
gibbet a structure built for execution by hanging and for the public exhibition of those hanged, consisting of a vertical post to which a horizontal beam is attached at the top; gallows. [1/2 definitions]