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decant to pour (wine or other liquid) carefully, so as not to stir up sediment. [2 definitions]
effuse to pour or spread out; emit; circulate. [1/4 definitions]
elevator a grain storage structure equipped to lift and pour out grain; grain elevator. [1/3 definitions]
flood to rise, overflow, or pour in, or as if in, a flood. [1/8 definitions]
flow to proceed or pour forth from a source. [1/8 definitions]
found3 to melt and pour (metal or glass) into a mold. [1/2 definitions]
funnel a conical utensil with a narrow tube at the small end, used to pour a liquid or other flowing substance into a container with a small opening. [1/4 definitions]
hail2 to fall or pour down in icy pellets. [1/5 definitions]
interfuse to pour or pass between, into, or through; infuse. [1/3 definitions]
outpour to pour out or flow.
pitcher1 a vessel, usu. with a handle and spout, used to contain and pour liquids, esp. for drinking. [1/2 definitions]
pourable combined form of pour.
rain to pour forth or send down. [1/8 definitions]
recast to melt down (a metal object) and pour into another mold. [1/5 definitions]
regurgitate to surge or pour back or out, esp. from of a place of containment, as gases, liquids, or undigested food. [1/3 definitions]
shower1 to sprinkle or pour down in a shower. [1/11 definitions]
slosh to pour or apply (liquid) so that it splashes sloppily. [1/6 definitions]
sluice to pour or flow from, or as if from, a sluice. [1/7 definitions]
stream to pour forth beams of light; shine. [1/10 definitions]
swoosh to make, pour, or move with a rushing, rustling, or swirling sound. [1/3 definitions]
water to pour or sprinkle water on. [1/14 definitions]