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antecedence the act of going before, or the state of being ahead; precedence.
first mortgage a primary lien against a piece of property that takes precedence in case of default over all other mortgages or liens except those given priority by law, such as real estate taxes.
override the ability to take precedence over and countermand an ordinarily automatic mechanical process, or the device that has this ability. [1/8 definitions]
overtop to take precedence over; surpass; override. [1/2 definitions]
precedential having priority or precedence. [1/2 definitions]
precession the act or condition of preceding; precedence. [1/3 definitions]
preempt to gain precedence or preeminence over. [1/4 definitions]
prefer to give precedence to (a creditor). [1/3 definitions]
priority precedence, esp. because of authority, right, or urgent need. [2/3 definitions]
Rule 22 the rule of the U.S. Senate that lists the precedence of U.S. Senate motions and describes the procedure for ending a filibuster. [1/2 definitions]
second mortgage a mortgage on property on which there is already one mortgage, the first taking precedence over the second in the case of a claim.