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absolutely precisely; exactly. [1/2 definitions]
accurately with accuracy; correctly; precisely.
assign to set precisely. [1/6 definitions]
chronograph any of various instruments, such as a stopwatch, that precisely record the durations of short periods of time.
clip1 to pronounce precisely and rapidly, leaving out some sounds. [1/11 definitions]
coincide to be the same in some respect; agree or correspond precisely. [1/2 definitions]
definite having precisely fixed limits. [1/3 definitions]
detail precisely crafted, intricate decoration. [1/8 definitions]
directly exactly; precisely. [1/4 definitions]
dovetail to fit together precisely or harmoniously. [1/5 definitions]
due precisely; directly. [1/7 definitions]
exactly precisely; just. [1/3 definitions]
flat1 precisely or directly; unquestionably. [1/17 definitions]
high noon precisely noon. [1/2 definitions]
in so many words explicitly; precisely.
like clockwork easily and accurately; automatically; precisely.
lock step a way of marching extremely close together and precisely in unison so that marchers' legs do not collide with the legs of those in front of them. [2 definitions]
needle valve a valve having a slender point that fits precisely into a conical seat, for accurately regulating the flow of fluid, as in a carburetor.
plumb precisely; exactly. [1/10 definitions]
spang (informal) quickly, squarely, or precisely.
specific a piece of information or a characteristic that is well-defined and precisely connected with a particular thing or person; detail; particular. [1/6 definitions]