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bias an inclination or preference that influences judgment; prejudice. [1/8 definitions]
conservatism a political preference for maintaining established institutions and customs and changing only gradually, or the acts and practices resulting from this preference. [2 definitions]
druthers (informal) preference or choice.
fancy an idea, opinion, or preference, sometimes not based on reason or reality. [1/14 definitions]
favor preference or partiality. [2/11 definitions]
handed of or pertaining to the preference for or dexterity in using one hand rather than the other (usu. used in combination). [1/2 definitions]
inclination a tendency towards; preference; liking. [1/5 definitions]
inclined having a tendency toward or preference for a particular behavior, action, or way of thinking or feeling. [1/2 definitions]
indifferent without preference or prejudice; impartial; neutral. [1/4 definitions]
instead in place of something; in preference.
leaning preference or tendency; inclination.
liking a feeling of preference, enjoyment, or fondness. [1/2 definitions]
masochism an act or instance of, or preference for, deriving pleasure from being subjected to pain, humiliation, domination, or the like. (Cf. sadism.) [1/2 definitions]
noncommittal not revealing what one's preference, feeling, or opinion is.
orientation the direction taken by a tendency, habit, pattern of thought, or preference. [1/5 definitions]
over in preference to. [1/30 definitions]
pari passu without preference or partiality; fairly. [1/2 definitions]
pleasure a desire or preference. [1/6 definitions]
predilection an inclination to favor something; partiality or preference.
preemption the act or right of claiming or purchasing something, such as public land, before or in preference to others.
preferential marked by, obtaining, or having preference.