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act to pretend to be; behave as. [1/14 definitions]
assume to put on outwardly; pretend; affect. [1/3 definitions]
counterfeit to feign or pretend. [1/7 definitions]
dissemble to pretend or make a false show of; feign. [1/3 definitions]
fake to pretend or simulate. [2/8 definitions]
feign to misrepresent or pretend to. [2/3 definitions]
feint to make a feint of; pretend. [1/5 definitions]
fool to pretend, as to some unintended purpose or objective. [1/11 definitions]
impersonate to act or assume the character of; pretend to be (another real or fictitious person or type of person).
make believe to pretend or imagine.
malinger to pretend illness or injury, esp. in order to be excused from duty or work.
playact to act out fantasies; pretend; make believe. [1/3 definitions]
play possum (informal) to pretend to be asleep or dead; keep very still.
pose1 to pretend to be, or represent oneself as, what one is not. [1/7 definitions]
sham to pretend to feel or be something. [1/7 definitions]
simulate to put on an appearance of; pretend. [1/2 definitions]
wink at to close one's eyes to; pretend not to see.