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affect2 to imitate, often in a pretentious manner; feign.
big (informal) in a boastful or pretentious way. [1/7 definitions]
bombastic overblown or pretentious, as speech, writing, or a person speaking or writing in this way.
camp2 the style of something such as clothing, decoration, art, or the like that is considered amusing because of its consciously pretentious showiness or outlandishness. [2 definitions]
claptrap insincere or pretentious talk or language.
coxcomb a pretentious or conceited dandy; show-off.
declamatory of speech or writing, artificially high-flown or pretentious; overly dramatic. [1/2 definitions]
discreet not showy or pretentious; modest. [1/2 definitions]
down-to-earth comfortable to be with; not snobbish or pretentious. [1/2 definitions]
fancy pretentious in expression. [1/14 definitions]
grandiloquence speech that is pretentious, pompous, or excessively mannered.
grandiloquent speaking or expressed in a pretentious, pompous, or excessively ornate fashion.
grandiose pretentious, pompous, or ridiculously grand. [1/2 definitions]
grandstand to act in a pretentious manner so as to call attention to oneself and impress those who are watching; show off. [2/5 definitions]
high-flown absurdly inflated or pretentious, as language. [1/2 definitions]
high-sounding imposing or impressive-sounding but pretentious.
humble not prideful or pretentious; modest. [1/6 definitions]
jargon1 any confusing, pretentious, or meaningless words or language; gibberish. [1/3 definitions]
kitsch art, literature, and the like that is pretentious, often gaudy, and of little value, usu. produced for popular appeal.
la-di-da (informal) affected in behavior; pretentious. [1/3 definitions]
mouth to utter in a pretentious way. [1/9 definitions]