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algorithm a completely determined and finite procedure for solving a problem, esp. used in relation to mathematics and computer science.
ametropia an eye problem caused by faulty refraction, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.
answer the solution to a problem. [1/9 definitions]
a tough nut to crack a problem or situation that is difficult to solve or cope with. [1/2 definitions]
Band-Aid (l.c.) a makeshift remedy for a serious problem or matter. [1/3 definitions]
bear2 (informal) a difficult experience or problem. [1/5 definitions]
believe in to strongly feel the value or importance of, esp. as the answer to a serious problem. [1/3 definitions]
brainstorm to engage in a method of problem-solving or idea-gathering in which members of a group freely and spontaneously offer their thoughts and suggestions. [2/6 definitions]
challenge an interesting or difficult problem or task. [1/7 definitions]
Chinese puzzle an intricate, difficult puzzle or problem.
cipher to solve (a problem) by using arithmetic; calculate. [1/7 definitions]
clue something that gives direction or help in solving a puzzle, problem, or mystery. [1/2 definitions]
committee a group of persons chosen or volunteering themselves to work together to solve a problem or resolve a particular issue.
complicate to make (a problem, issue, or situation) more difficult or complex. [1/3 definitions]
concern a particular thing that causes worry or makes one wonder if some problem exists. [1/7 definitions]
conundrum a puzzle or problem with a difficult or impossible solution. [1/2 definitions]
crackdown an increase in the severity with which rules, laws, or the like are enforced, esp. to combat abuses or rectify a problem.
cut the Gordian knot to solve a difficult problem in a rapid, bold manner.
devise to invent or make (a plan, device, or solution of a problem), esp. by a fresh application of known information; arrange; contrive. [1/3 definitions]
diagnose to ascertain, by analysis, the cause of (a problem). [1/4 definitions]
diagnosis the act or process of analytically examining a situation, problem, or the like, or the result of such examination. [1/4 definitions]