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beneficial in law, receiving or being entitled to receive proceeds or benefits. [1/2 definitions]
cash flow the net cash proceeds of operating a business during a specified period of time.
dividend a pro rata share of proceeds paid to creditors after a declaration of bankruptcy. [1/4 definitions]
duration the interval of time during which something exists or proceeds. [1/2 definitions]
fail in commerce, a failure to deliver securities on time, or to receive proceeds from a transaction. [1/10 definitions]
freelance a person who proceeds as an independent in politics with no allegiance to any one party. [1/6 definitions]
liquidate to terminate (a business) by selling all assets and distributing the proceeds to shareholders. [1/5 definitions]
rollover the movement of funds from one investment to another, esp. the repeated investment of the proceeds of short-term securities upon maturity. [1/3 definitions]
royalty a percentage of proceeds paid to the owner of productive real property, such land for mining or oil drilling, or to the author of a book, musical composition, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
score (slang) a successful robbery, or its proceeds. [1/21 definitions]