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-cade a procession.
cavalcade a procession, esp. of horses bearing riders or drawing carriages. [1/2 definitions]
cortege a funeral procession. [2 definitions]
dead march a slow, solemn piece of music, esp. a march played during a funeral procession.
flower girl a young girl who carries bridal flowers in a wedding procession.
motorcade a procession of motor vehicles for ceremonial or security purposes.
outrider one who rides before a vehicle, wagon train, procession, or the like as a scout, guide, or escort. [1/2 definitions]
parade a public procession of people or things, esp. on the occasion of a celebration or ceremony, and usu. including band music. [3/9 definitions]
procession to move in a procession. [1/4 definitions]
processional of, pertaining to, or used for a procession. [3 definitions]
recession1 a procession out of or back from the site of a ceremony. [1/3 definitions]
snake dance a procession of people who move as a group in a serpentine line, esp. as a way of celebrating a victory. [1/2 definitions]
torchbearer one who carries a torch, as in a ceremonial procession. [1/2 definitions]