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artist one who works professionally in visual media such as drawing, painting, and photography. [1/3 definitions]
baker a person who bakes, esp. one who is highly skilled at baking or does it professionally. [1/2 definitions]
cellist a person who plays the cello, esp. one who does so professionally.
demo a recording of music or the like that is produced in order to display the style and ability of the performers in the hope that the music may be recorded professionally and widely distributed. [1/2 definitions]
flutist a person who plays the flute, esp. professionally.
folk singer someone who sings folk music, esp. professionally.
geologist one who studies or works professionally in the field of geology, or earth science.
masseur a man who provides massages professionally.
masseuse a woman who provides massages professionally.
musician a person who plays, sing, or composes music professionally. [1/2 definitions]
nonprofessionally combined form of professionally.
old-boy network a group of men who have graduated from the same school or done business in the same circles, and who help each other professionally and politically.
teach to provide instruction, esp. professionally. [1/7 definitions]
teataster one who samples tea professionally, as in order to determine its grade.
volcanologist one who studies or works professionally in the field of volcanology.
wedding cake a cake made for a wedding celebration, often professionally baked and decorated.