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alienation a state of profound disaffection from the world of objective reality. [1/3 definitions]
deep obscure, hard to understand, or profound. [1/13 definitions]
fear profound awe or reverence, esp. toward a supreme power or being. [1/8 definitions]
heavy (slang; old-fashioned) deeply meaningful; profound. [1/10 definitions]
intense strong or profound in effect. [1/3 definitions]
light2 not serious or profound. [1/9 definitions]
neurasthenia a condition of exhaustion, confusion, and depression resulting from profound mental or emotional strain; nervous breakdown.
profundity the state or condition of being profound; depth. [2 definitions]
reborn having had a profound experience of religious conversion. [1/3 definitions]
recondite involving profound concepts and complexities; not easily understood. [1/2 definitions]
reverence an attitude or feeling of profound respect and awe mingled with love; veneration. [2/4 definitions]
revolutionary creating or leading to profound change. [1/3 definitions]
screen memory in psychoanalysis, a recollection of early childhood that seems significant but actually masks a more profound related memory that remains repressed.
solemn profound because of great seriousness or gravity, or because attended by high ceremony. [1/3 definitions]
soulful expressive of or characterized by deep feeling or profound emotion.
speaking in tongues an ecstatic utterance of largely unintelligible speechlike sounds that is viewed, esp. among Pentecostal groups, as a manifestation of profound religious experience; gift of tongues; glossolalia.
superficial not profound; shallow, slight, or insignificant. [1/5 definitions]