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abortion a project or idea that has failed to be carried to completion, or the result of the failure to reach completion. [1/4 definitions]
boondoggle a valueless project funded by the government solely as a political favor. [1/3 definitions]
butt3 to project or protrude. [1/3 definitions]
calculate to determine, estimate, or project. [1/6 definitions]
cantilever to project or extend outward like a cantilever. [1/4 definitions]
cantilever bridge a bridge consisting of two beams or cantilevers that project toward each other and are joined to form a span.
collaborate to cooperate or work with someone else, esp. on an artistic or intellectual project. [1/2 definitions]
collaboration a cooperative effort by which people or organizations work together to accomplish a common project or mission. [1/2 definitions]
coordinator one that coordinates, esp. a person who organizes a complex event or project that involves the contributions of other people.
counterproject combined form of project.
davit on a ship, any of various small cranes that project over the side and are used to raise and lower small boats.
extrude to stick out; protrude or project. [1/3 definitions]
flying start a quick start or beginning, as in a race, project, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
follow-through the act or process of carrying on with an activity or project, esp. to completion. [1/2 definitions]
folly an unwise or foolish undertaking, such as an expensive project that fails. [1/4 definitions]
front money money that is paid in advance, esp. to start a project.
fund to make money available in support of a particular project or endeavor. [1/5 definitions]
grant-in-aid a grant of funds made by the federal government to a state or by a foundation to an individual or group, that provides financial aid for a project or program.
groundbreaking a ceremonial commencement of a building or construction project, when the first ground is broken with a shovel. [1/2 definitions]
here's to I wish success, health, prosperity, or the like for (a person, group, project, period of time, or the like); here is a toast to (a person or the like).
homestretch the last stage of a project or endeavor. [1/2 definitions]