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badminton a sport in which players use light, long-handled rackets to propel a shuttlecock back and forth across a high net.
condemn to force or propel into an undesirable state or into engagement in unpleasant activity. [1/5 definitions]
dart to propel, thrust, or shoot out suddenly. [1/6 definitions]
dribble to propel (a ball, puck, or the like) by means of repeated bounces, kicks, or pushes. [1/8 definitions]
eject to throw or propel oneself out of an aircraft in an emergency, by use of an ejection seat or capsule. [1/3 definitions]
gunpowder an explosive used to propel a gun projectile, esp. the explosive made from potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal; black powder.
impel to send or cause to move forward; propel. [1/2 definitions]
launch1 to propel with force. [1/6 definitions]
oar to use oars to propel (a boat or the like); row. [1/4 definitions]
paddle to use a paddle, esp. to propel a canoe or the like. [2/8 definitions]
paddle wheel an engine-driven or pedal-operated wheel that has boards or paddles fixed at right angles around its circumference, used to propel a boat, esp. a river steamboat.
pinball a game played on a device with a sloping board using controls to operate flippers that can propel a small ball into the playing area where it can strike targets and score points.
plunge to propel abruptly or forcefully into a substance, esp. a soft or liquid one. [1/8 definitions]
pole1 to propel a boat, raft, or the like by pushing with a pole. [1/4 definitions]
propellent acting to propel; serving as a propellant. [1/2 definitions]
propeller any of several devices used to propel an airplane, ship, or the like, usu. consisting of tilted blades radiating from a hub that revolves.
run to propel oneself forward by moving the legs very quickly so that all feet are briefly off the ground. [1/36 definitions]
send to direct or propel in a certain direction or to a certain place or point. [2/7 definitions]
shoot in sports, to propel (a ball), esp. towards a goal. [2/19 definitions]
slide in baseball, to propel oneself horizontally along the ground toward a base, usu. feet first. [1/14 definitions]