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affluent based on or conditioned by prolonged prosperity and the expectation of continued prosperity, as a society. [1/3 definitions]
bonanza anything that brings great wealth and prosperity. [1/2 definitions]
coprosperity combined form of prosperity.
cornucopia a mythological goat's horn containing an endless supply of food, used as a symbol of abundance and prosperity; horn of plenty. [1/3 definitions]
fortune prosperity or success, esp. as aided by luck. [1/4 definitions]
glory the state of greatest happiness, prosperity, or success. [1/8 definitions]
here's to I wish success, health, prosperity, or the like for (a person, group, project, period of time, or the like); here is a toast to (a person or the like).
in clover living in prosperity, comfort, and ease.
natural resource a source of economic wealth and prosperity that derives from nature, such as fresh water, mineral deposits, timber, wildlife, and park land.
suicidal dangerous to one's life, self-interests, prosperity, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
weal1 prosperity or well-being.