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bagpipe a musical instrument, played esp. in Scotland, consisting of a double-reed melody pipe and one or more drone pipes that protrude from a flexible leather bag that is inflated through a blowpipe by the breath or by bellows.
basset2 in geology, to protrude or emerge, as from a level, background, or buried part; crop out. [1/2 definitions]
bulge to protrude or extend outward. [1/4 definitions]
butt3 to project or protrude. [1/3 definitions]
countersink to enlarge the top portion of (a hole) so that the inserted head of a bolt, screw, or the like does not protrude above the surface. [1/4 definitions]
eviscerate of an organ, esp. in the abdomen, to protrude through an incision after surgery, because of improper healing or error in technique. [1/3 definitions]
extrude to stick out; protrude or project. [1/3 definitions]
foraminifer any of several single-celled marine organisms that have chalky cells perforated by tiny pores through which thin pseudopods protrude, and that form the chief component of chalk.
jut to project or extend sharply outward; protrude (often fol. by "out"). [1/2 definitions]
obtrude to stick or push out; cause to protrude. [1/3 definitions]
outcrop to erupt or protrude, as a rock from the soil. [1/2 definitions]
peak to rise or protrude in a point. [1/7 definitions]
poke to stick out; protrude. [1/12 definitions]
pout1 to jut out or protrude. [1/5 definitions]
project to extend outward; protrude. [1/11 definitions]
protract to extend or protrude, as an anatomical structure. [1/3 definitions]
protractor a muscle that causes a body part to straighten, extend, or protrude; extensor. [1/2 definitions]
protrusive protruding or tending to protrude.
start to appear to come out; protrude. [1/15 definitions]
stick2 to cause to protrude or extend (usu. fol. by "out" or "through"). [2/19 definitions]
swell to bulge out; protrude. [2/18 definitions]