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address the place where one resides, designated by the number and name of the street or road and the name of the city, state, or province. [1/9 definitions]
Alberta a Canadian province located between Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
archbishop a highest ranking bishop who officiates over a church diocese or province.
B.C.2 abbreviation of "British Columbia," a Canadian province on the Pacific coast.
Bengal a region consisting of the northeastern state of West Bengal in India and the neighboring country of Bangladesh. Bengal was formerly a province of India before India's division into India and Pakistan.
Breton the Celtic language of that province. [1/3 definitions]
British Columbia a Canadian province on the Pacific coast.
Brittany the westernmost, coastal region of France, formerly a province.
Eritrea a country on the Red Sea, bordered by Sudan and Ethiopia; formerly a province of Ethiopia.
high commissioner the governing head of a province, protectorate, territory, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
Labrador a very large peninsula in eastern Canada that contains portions of the province of Quebec as well as the continental region of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. [2/3 definitions]
lieutenant governor in Canada, the official head of the government of a province, appointed to that post by the governor general. [1/2 definitions]
Manitoba a Canadian province between Ontario and Saskatchewan.
margrave the military governor of a medieval German border province.
metropolitan a bishop who is the head of a church province, as in the Eastern Orthodox Church. [1/7 definitions]
New Brunswick a Canadian Maritime Province located northeast of Maine.
Newfoundland an island in the Atlantic Ocean that is part of the eastern Canadian province officially named Newfoundland and Labrador. [2/3 definitions]
Newfoundland and Labrador an eastern Canadian province that occupies the Atlantic coast northeast of Quebec, and an island east of Quebec.
New Guinea a large East Indies island north of Australia, occupied by an Indonesian province and Papua New Guinea. [1/2 definitions]
Normandy a French province on the English Channel.
Nova Scotia a Canadian Maritime Province southeast of New Brunswick.