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Alex Haley a U.S. author celebrated for his pulitzer prize-winning work of historical fiction, Roots: The Saga of an American Family (1976), a publication whose subsequent television broadcast adaptation spawned a national discussion about race and race relations (b.1921--d.1992).
anonym an unnamed person or publication. [1/2 definitions]
bimonthly a publication that appears once every two months. [1/3 definitions]
blue book an official U.S. government publication, such as a report or register, often with a blue cover. [1/3 definitions]
book review a publication, or page or section thereof, devoted to such reviews, esp. of newly published books. [1/2 definitions]
bulletin a publication that appears at regular intervals, esp. one issued by an academic organization. [1/2 definitions]
content1 (usu. pl.) the topics or chapters of a book or other document or publication. [1/5 definitions]
contribute to provide (written material) for publication. [2/5 definitions]
contributor one who, along with others, provides written material for publication in a magazine, book, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
copyreader one who edits and prepares newspaper copy for typesetting and publication.
copywriter one who writes text for publication or broadcast, esp. for advertisements.
corrigendum (pl.) a list in a book or other publication of errors discovered after printing, with their corrections. [1/2 definitions]
edit to supervise the preparation of (material) for publication. [1/4 definitions]
editor a person who prepares written materials for publication or film for viewing. [1/3 definitions]
editor in chief the editor who has the final authority to make policy decisions and supervises the other editors at a publishing house or on a specific publication.
expurgate to purge (a book or the like) of material considered to be offensive or erroneous prior to publication.
extra an edition of a newspaper that is added to a regular publication schedule. [1/7 definitions]
fact checker someone whose job it is to verify the accuracy of facts in a text before publication.
Festschrift (sometimes l.c.) a publication of writings or essays done by friends, colleagues, or admirers as a tribute to a scholar.
format the overall appearance and design of a publication. [1/5 definitions]
fortnightly a publication that is issued once every two weeks. [1/3 definitions]