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amerce to punish by a fine or penalty, esp. a penalty not specified in law.
blister to scold or punish harshly. [1/5 definitions]
castigate to punish or rebuke, as with severe public criticism; chastise.
chastise to punish, often corporally. [1/2 definitions]
discipline to punish for the sake of training or correcting. [1/7 definitions]
ferule to punish using a ferule. [1/2 definitions]
flagellate to punish or drive by harsh methods. [1/4 definitions]
keelhaul to punish (someone) by submerging and dragging under the bottom of a vessel and up the other side. [2 definitions]
pay to get revenge on; punish. [1/16 definitions]
revenge the desire to retaliate or punish for an offense. [1/5 definitions]
scourge a whip used to punish people. [1/4 definitions]
stone to throw stones at, esp. to punish or kill by such throwing. [1/10 definitions]
tar and feather to punish or humiliate by coating with tar and feathers. [2 definitions]
threaten to declare intent to harm or punish. [1/5 definitions]
vigilance committee a group of citizens that illegally assumes authority to punish crime because of dissatisfaction with or absence of the usual law-enforcement agencies.
vigilante one who seeks to avenge a crime or injury or punish a criminal without legal authority or due process.
whip to punish or chastise in this manner. [1/13 definitions]