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burke to suppress quietly. [1/2 definitions]
faintly in a faint way; dimly, weakly, or very quietly. [1/2 definitions]
lowly quietly. [1/4 definitions]
low-pressure quietly persuasive; subtle. [1/3 definitions]
on the q.t. (informal) in stealth or secret; quietly.
on tiptoe standing or walking on the toes, esp. to proceed quietly or cautiously. [1/2 definitions]
pad2 to walk about, esp. quietly or without shoes. [1/3 definitions]
prowl to wander or roam through (a place) quietly and furtively, as in search of something. [1/3 definitions]
slide to give (an object, message, or the like) quietly so as to avoid being noticed (usu. fol. by in, into, or the like). [1/14 definitions]
slink to move as if afraid or ashamed; go quietly so as to avoid attention.
slinky moving quietly, fearfully, or guiltily; furtive. [1/2 definitions]
slip1 to pass or put quickly or quietly. [1/17 definitions]
sneak to move quietly and stealthily. [1/4 definitions]
sneak in to enter a place quietly and secretly.
stilly in a quiet manner; silently; quietly.
whisper to talk quietly so as to maintain privacy or secrecy, as in gossiping or scheming. [1/9 definitions]