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antiradar combined form of radar.
AWACS an aircraft fitted with a radome and carrying sophisticated radar and computer equipment, used for reconnaissance and for directing ground forces, or a warning system employing such aircraft (acronym for "Airborne Warning and Control System").
beacon a radar or radio transmitter that emits radio waves at fixed intervals to provide navigational guidance. [1/7 definitions]
blip a bright spot on a radar screen, used as an indicator. [1/5 definitions]
DEW line a line of radar stations, located along the seventieth parallel in Canada and the United States, that provides advance notice of approaching hostile aircraft or missiles (acronym for "distant early warning").
echo a reflected electromagnetic wave, as in radar. [1/8 definitions]
echolocation the electronic process of determining the distance and direction of unseen objects by reflected waves, as in radar and sonar. [1/2 definitions]
pulse modulation the formation of a periodic carrier wave by a sequence of short pulses, as used in radar. [1/2 definitions]
radar beacon a device at a fixed location that emits radar waves, often only when activated by a specific radar pulse.
radarscope a monitor on which radar signals are viewed.
radome a dome-shaped structure that protects a radar antenna from the weather, esp. on aircraft, without affecting reception.
rawin the monitoring of upper-air wind currents using a balloon fitted with radar or a radio direction-finding device (acronym for "radio/wind").
scan to move a radar, electron, or other beam over, or subject to magnetic or sound waves, in order to search for targets or information or to transmit images. [1/10 definitions]
speed trap a stretch of road where police officers and radar devices are concealed in order to catch speeders.
Texas tower a tall platform or structure, built offshore, that is used to support radar or navigation equipment.
tracking station a base, station, vessel, or the like having the necessary radar and other equipment to monitor or communicate with craft traveling through the air or in space.
transponder a radio or radar transceiver that is automatically activated to transmit when it receives a predetermined signal.