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Alps a high mountain range extending from southern France through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria, and into Yugoslavia and Albania.
Altai Mountains a central Asian mountain range that extends from western Mongolia into Russia and China.
althorn any of various brass wind instruments in the alto or tenor range, esp. the altosaxhorn; alto horn.
alto the vocal range between tenor and soprano, being the lowest for the female and highest for the male. [5 definitions]
Andes a mountain range that extends the length of the South American western coast.
Andes Mountains a mountain range that extends the length of the South American western coast.
Atlas Mountains a range of mountains in northwest Africa stretching across the southwestern part of Morocco and northern parts of Algeria and Tunisia.
audio frequency the range of frequencies of normally audible sound, or the corresponding electronic frequencies; usu. from about fifteen or twenty to 20,000 cycles per second. [2 definitions]
audiogram a graph that shows the range and degree of hearing ability, or the production of such a graph.
audiometer an instrument that measures range and degree of hearing ability.
bajada a smooth, sloping plain along the base of a mountain range, formed by eroded debris deposited by moving water.
ballistic missile a long-range missile that reaches its target by falling freely at extremely high speed along a precalculated trajectory.
bandwidth the range of radio frequencies required to transmit a certain type of signal.
baritone the range of the male voice that is intermediate between tenor and bass. [3/4 definitions]
bass1 the part of music designated for the voice or instrument in the lowest range of pitch, or musical tones produced in the low range. [2/5 definitions]
beauty salon an establishment that offers a full range of beauty and grooming services, including hair-styling, manicures, and facials.
blunderbuss an early shoulder-gun having a short barrel, flared at the muzzle to scattershot at close range. [1/2 definitions]
broadband pertaining to, emitting, or responsive to a wide range of radio frequencies. [1/2 definitions]
broad-gauge of wide range, experience, application, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
buffalo grass a range grass found on the plains east of the Rocky Mountains.
cable television a form of television in which the sound and picture signals from distant stations are received by a master antenna and then delivered by electrical cable. Cable television typically provides clear reception, access to a large number of channels, and a relatively wide range of programming, whereas conventional television is limited to the reception of signals from local stations.