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a1 of the first rank or degree. [1/6 definitions]
abase to bring down the rank, status, or reputation of; degrade.
abasement the act of bringing down or the state of being brought down in rank, status, or reputation.
above at or to a higher rank or level. [1/9 definitions]
Adm. abbreviation of "Admiral," a naval commissioned officer of the highest rank, or the commander of a fleet or squadron.
admiral a naval commissioned officer of the highest rank; the commander of a fleet or squadron. [1/2 definitions]
advance to raise in rank or position. [2/13 definitions]
antecede to go before in time, or to be higher in rank or place.
archbishopric the position, rank, or term of an archbishop. [1/2 definitions]
archduchess a woman having a rank equivalent to that of an archduke. [1/2 definitions]
armband a cloth band worn around the upper arm as a badge of rank, membership, or the like, or as a symbol, as of mourning.
ascend to move towards a higher rank or position. [1/5 definitions]
aspirant a person who aspires, esp. to a certain position, rank, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
assoc. abbreviation of "associate," or "associates," a person or persons holding a subordinate rank of membership.
associate a person holding a subordinate rank of membership. [2/10 definitions]
-ate1 position, rank, or group, or one who has or belongs to such. [1/5 definitions]
b of the second rank or degree. [1/5 definitions]
badge a piece of metal, cloth, or other material worn to signify a particular membership, rank, occupation, or accomplishment. [1/3 definitions]
baron a member of the hereditary nobility. In Great Britain, a baron is a nobleman of the lowest rank; peer. [1/2 definitions]
baronage the rank of baron. [2 definitions]
barony a baron's or baroness's rank, title, status, or dignity. [1/2 definitions]