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4WD abbreviation of "four-wheel drive," a car that drives by means of all four wheels rather than the rear wheels only, or the drive system of such, in which both front and rear wheel axles are turned by the drive shaft.
aft into, near, or toward the rear end of a ship or aircraft. [2 definitions]
after at the rear; behind. [1/12 definitions]
aileron a movable flap on the rear edge of an airplane's wing, used to control rolling and banking.
anus in anatomy, the opening at the lower or rear end of the intestines, through which solid waste matter is excreted.
ass (vulgar slang) the buttocks as seen as a single part of the body; rear end. [1/3 definitions]
astern toward the back or rear of a boat or aircraft; backwards. [1/2 definitions]
back the part or side that is opposite the front; reverse; rear. [3/15 definitions]
backboard a board at the rear of something, serving as a support. [1/2 definitions]
backdrop a curtain at the rear of a stage setting, upon which are painted elements of the setting such as windows, furniture, the sky, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
background a part located in the rear, esp. as depicted in a painting, photograph, or scene. (Cf. foreground.) [1/5 definitions]
backlog a big log placed at the rear of a fireplace. [1/3 definitions]
backside the rear portion of anything. [1/2 definitions]
backswept inclined or swept toward the rear.
backward in the direction of or to the rear or back. [2/8 definitions]
backwash in nautical terminology, water that an oar, propeller, or the like pushes toward the rear of a boat. [2/4 definitions]
beetle1 any of several insects with two pairs of wings, of which the front pair is hard and covers the rear pair when the wings are at rest. [1/2 definitions]
behind at or toward the back; in the rear. [1/10 definitions]
blind spot an area nearby but which, or in which, one cannot see or hear what is happening, such as an area behind an automobile in motion that the driver cannot see through a rear-view mirror, or an acoustically dead spot in an auditorium. [1/4 definitions]
bogie1 a system of four wheels mounted on two axles used on the rear of some trucks, tractors, and tanks.
boot (chiefly British) a large compartment in an automobile, usu. in the rear, for storing items such as luggage, parcels, and tools; trunk. [1/10 definitions]