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equity the quality of being fair and reasonable; fairness. [1/5 definitions]
exceed to go beyond (what is required, expected, or considered reasonable). [1/3 definitions]
excess the state or an instance of going beyond what is required, expected, or considered reasonable. [2/5 definitions]
excessive more than is required, expected, or considered reasonable; extravagant or immoderate.
exorbitant exceeding the bounds of what is reasonable, fair, or proper; immoderate.
expectation reasonable hope; anticipation. [1/4 definitions]
extravagant beyond what is reasonable or warranted. [1/3 definitions]
extreme well beyond what is considered moderate, reasonable, or within the norm. [1/7 definitions]
fair1 just or reasonable in actions or decisions that affect others. [2/12 definitions]
immoderate beyond reasonable or appropriate limits; excessive.
inept not sensible or reasonable; silly; foolish. [1/3 definitions]
justified made reasonable or excusable by demonstrated facts; warranted. [1/2 definitions]
justify to give reasonable grounds for or attest to the rightness of; warrant. [1/4 definitions]
legitimate in accordance with the rules of logic; reasonable. [1/6 definitions]
moderate keeping or kept within reasonable limits; not extreme or excessive. [1/9 definitions]
must1 used to express a logical probability or reasonable inference (followed by "have" plus a past participle when referring to an action or state in the past). [1/7 definitions]
negligence in law, the failure to exercise reasonable care. [1/2 definitions]
overwork to work more than is reasonable or healthy. [1/4 definitions]
plausible seeming to be true or reasonable; credible. [1/2 definitions]
presumable capable of being taken for granted; reasonable.
presumption belief based on reasonable evidence. [1/4 definitions]