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closed-captioned of a television program, having captions that can be seen only on a special receiver, usu. intended for those with hearing impairment.
complete in American football, denoting a forward pass that has been caught by its intended receiver. [1/6 definitions]
cross talk interference, as on a telephone, radio, or other electronic receiver, by other sound or radio signals from another channel. [1/2 definitions]
crystal detector a simple radio receiver made of a semiconducting crystal touched by a fine wire.
crystal set an early form of radio receiver that used a crystal detector.
dial tone the steady hum or buzzing sound in a telephone receiver indicating that the line is open and a number may be dialed.
direct object in grammar, the element of a sentence that represents the object, goal, or receiver of the action of a verb, such as "the ball" in "She kicked the ball." (Cf. indirect object, subject.)
donee in law, the receiver of a gift or donation.
escrow a bond or deed, money, property, or the like put into the keeping of a third party for delivery to the intended receiver after specified conditions have been met.
fair catch in football, a catch of a punt whereby the receiver, in order not to be tackled, signals that no attempt will be made to advance with the ball.
fine-tune to manipulate the controls on (a receiver) in order to get the best reception available. [1/2 definitions]
geophone a sensitive electronic receiver designed to detect seismic vibrations.
gift certificate a coupon that is purchased and then given as a gift, entitling the receiver to select goods or services totaling the amount specified on the coupon.
gift voucher (chiefly British) a coupon that is purchased and then given as a gift, entitling the receiver to select goods or services totaling the amount specified on the coupon; gift certificate.
goniometer an electrical device, consisting of a radio receiver and antenna, used to determine the direction and angle of incoming radio signals. [1/2 definitions]
handset a telephone with the receiver and transmitter contained in a single hand-held unit.
hang up to put (the telephone receiver) back in its cradle. [1/3 definitions]
headphone (usu. pl.) a sound receiver, as for a radio or stereo system, that is held over one or both ears by a flexible band; earphones; headset.
heterodyne of or designating a merging or method of merging two frequencies such that the resulting frequency equals the sum of or difference between the two, often accomplished by the modification of an incoming signal by a receiver. [1/3 definitions]
Johnson noise the thermal background noise heard on a radio receiver.
lead-in the section of a radio or television antenna that connects to the transmitter or receiver. [1/3 definitions]