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award to present in recognition of superior qualities or performance; give as a prize. [1/4 definitions]
comity of nations the courteous recognition of different nations for each other's laws and institutions. [2 definitions]
credit approving acknowledgment; praise; recognition. [1/12 definitions]
creditable deserving of belief or recognition. [1/2 definitions]
de facto serving in some capacity in the absence of specific authority or legal recognition. (Cf. de jure.) [1/3 definitions]
disestablish to withdraw governmental recognition or support of (a church). [1/2 definitions]
disguise to change or hide the features of, in order to prevent recognition. [1/5 definitions]
distinction recognition of differences. [1/3 definitions]
fame widespread recognition; public esteem; renown. [1/2 definitions]
famous having widespread recognition or public esteem; renowned. [1/2 definitions]
giveback a reduction in workers' salaries, benefits, or rights agreed to by a union during labor negotiations in exchange for some other concession by management or in recognition of depressed economic conditions.
gold star a small gold star used as a symbol or recognition of excellence, esp. a stamp or sticker affixed to a young child's school papers. [1/2 definitions]
honor to give approving recognition to; to bestow rank or distinction upon. [1/12 definitions]
honorable mention recognition for one whose work or part in a competition was noteworthy, but not award-winning.
honorarium a payment or other reward made to a professional person in recognition of services for which, by tradition, there is no set fee.
letter to receive official recognition of having participated in a high school or college sport. [1/6 definitions]
look-say method a method of teaching reading that uses memorization and recognition of entire words rather than associating letters with sounds.
mention recognition for a deed or deeds. [1/3 definitions]
nonrecognition combined form of recognition.
Orson Welles U.S. actor, screenwriter, producer, and critically acclaimed motion picture director who first gained national recognition for his role in the 1938 radio broadcast adaptation of H.G. Wells's novel, The War of the Worlds (b.1915--d.1985).
Oscar the statuette given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in recognition of an Academy Award. [1/2 definitions]