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escape to elude (recollection or notice). [1/10 definitions]
flashback a person's sudden recollection of an event or situation in the past. [1/2 definitions]
fugue a mental condition in which a person performs conscious actions of which he or she later has no recollection. [1/2 definitions]
ghost anything that recurs persistently or haunts, such as an idea, thought, or recollection. [1/7 definitions]
impression a vague recollection or idea. [1/5 definitions]
mind recollection or consciousness. [1/13 definitions]
oblivious lacking any recollection; forgetting or forgetful (usu. fol. by "of"). [1/2 definitions]
ring a bell to cause a response, such as a particular recollection.
screen memory in psychoanalysis, a recollection of early childhood that seems significant but actually masks a more profound related memory that remains repressed.