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bagpipe a musical instrument, played esp. in Scotland, consisting of a double-reed melody pipe and one or more drone pipes that protrude from a flexible leather bag that is inflated through a blowpipe by the breath or by bellows.
bassoon a large low-pitched woodwind instrument consisting of a long doubled wooden tube fitted with a slender curved metal tube that terminates in a double-reed mouthpiece.
clarinet a woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece attached to a long, usu. wooden tube with finger holes and keys along its length.
crumhorn an early double-reed wind instrument, the tube of which terminates in a curve or crook.
double-reed any double-reed woodwind instrument. [1/2 definitions]
English horn a double-reed woodwind instrument that resembles the oboe but is larger and lower in pitch.
oboe a slender double-reed woodwind instrument, consisting of a long, usu. wooden tube with finger holes or keys along it, which makes a penetrating, melancholy sound.
reed instrument any musical instrument, such as the clarinet, oboe, or bassoon, in which the sound is produced by a vibrating reed or reeds.
reed pipe an organ pipe containing a reed that vibrates when struck by air currents and thus produces sound.
saxophone any of several wind instruments that have a conical metal body, finger keys, and a mouthpiece with a single reed; alto, tenor, baritone, soprano, or bass saxophone.
shawm an early double-reed wind instrument, recognized as the forerunner of the oboe.