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absenteeism habitual or repeated absence from a place where regular attendance is required, such as work or school.
AC1 abbreviation of "alternating current," electrical current that reverses direction at regular intervals. (Cf. "DC.")
air taxi a small aircraft that carries passengers or cargo over short distances, esp. to places not served by regular airlines.
alternating current electrical current that reverses direction at regular intervals. (Cf. direct current.)
annuity a regular annual income paid at fixed intervals and produced by money invested or by an insurance contract. [1/2 definitions]
aperiodic occurring without regular intervals or cycles; not periodic.
barbed wire a wire or strands of wire with barbs at regular intervals, used as a military barrier or fencing for livestock; barbwire.
battlement (often pl.) a parapet or defensive wall lining the top of a fortification, with indentations at regular intervals.
beat to move with a regular rhythm; pulsate. [2/15 definitions]
blog shortened from "Web log," an online journal that may be personal or topical, in which the author makes regular entries that appear in reverse chronological order and can be read by the general public. [1/2 definitions]
bulletin a publication that appears at regular intervals, esp. one issued by an academic organization. [1/2 definitions]
calendar any of several systems of dividing time into regular segments and assigning the beginnings of years. [1/4 definitions]
chaparejos seatless leather trousers worn by cowboys over their regular pants, for extra protection; chaps.
churchgoer one who attends church, esp. on a regular basis.
circuit the area or region covered in a regular tour to carry out certain duties, as by a judge to hold court sessions. [1/8 definitions]
cirrocumulus a high-altitude cloud formed of many small, thin, rounded cloudlets, often arranged in rows or regular series.
clean-cut having a neat, regular, well-defined shape or outline. [1/2 definitions]
clocklike very regular, punctual, and dependable.
columnist a writer or editor of a regular column or feature in a newspaper or magazine.
consistent steadily conforming to a regular style or pattern; not varying. [1/2 definitions]
crimp to press into small, regular folds or waves; corrugate. [1/7 definitions]