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antidote anything that acts as a remedy or counteracts. [1/2 definitions]
arcanum a remedy for all illnesses; panacea. [1/3 definitions]
Band-Aid (l.c.) a makeshift remedy for a serious problem or matter. [1/3 definitions]
black cohosh an eastern North American perennial herb (Cimicifuga racemosa, or Actaea racemosa) of the buttercup family, the rhizome and roots of which are used as an herbal remedy.
curative that which effects a cure, esp. a drug; remedy. [1/2 definitions]
cure-all a remedy for all ailments or evils; panacea.
digestive any remedy or agent that aids digestion. [1/3 definitions]
horehound an aromatic herb with fuzzy, whitish leaves and a bitter juice that is used as a flavoring and as a remedy for coughs. [1/3 definitions]
hypodermic any injection, esp. a medical remedy, given under the skin. [1/4 definitions]
irredeemable beyond remedy or redemption; hopeless or lost. [1/3 definitions]
nostrum a medicine with undisclosed ingredients, advertised without proof as an effective cure; quack remedy. [2 definitions]
panacea a remedy or solution for all diseases, ills, or difficulties; cure-all.
prescribe to order or recommend (a drug or the like) as a medical remedy. [1/4 definitions]
rectify to put right or correct (a bad situation, injustice, or the like); remedy. [1/4 definitions]
redress to correct, adjust, or remedy. [1/4 definitions]
refractory difficult to treat or remedy, as a disease. [1/4 definitions]
remedial providing or acting as a remedy; curative. [1/2 definitions]
resolvent a medical remedy for swelling or inflammation. [1/2 definitions]
resort to go or turn to for help or remedy, often as one's last recourse. [1/5 definitions]
snakeroot any of a number of plants whose roots are thought to remedy snakebites. [1/3 definitions]
specific a medical remedy that is aimed at a specific disease or condition. [1/6 definitions]