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alcohol any of a class of volatile organic compounds derived from hydrocarbons in which one or more hydroxyl groups replace one or more hydrogen atoms of the parent hydrocarbon. [1/3 definitions]
change to remove and replace the clothes or coverings of. [1/18 definitions]
double to stand in for or replace something or someone. [1/19 definitions]
dub3 to add sounds to or replace sounds on (a film or other recording), esp. to replace voices in one language with those in another. [3/4 definitions]
fill in to temporarily replace; be a substitute (often fol. by "for"). [1/2 definitions]
floater one whose work assignment can be changed as needed so as to replace or supplement other employees. [1/4 definitions]
interchangeable of one thing, able to replace or be replaced by another thing. [1/2 definitions]
irreplaceable impossible to replace or duplicate.
overrule to replace or reverse (a ruling) by virtue of higher authority. [1/3 definitions]
regenerate to grow (new tissue or parts) to replace lost or injured tissue or parts. [1/7 definitions]
regeneration the growth of new tissue or parts to replace lost or injured tissue or parts. [1/2 definitions]
replaceable combined form of replace.
retread to replace the worn tread of (a tire). [1/2 definitions]
shift to remove or abandon and replace with another; change. [1/12 definitions]
skin grafting a surgical transplanting of skin to replace skin that is destroyed.
succeed to follow or replace another in succession. [2/4 definitions]
supersede to take over the position or influence of; replace. [1/2 definitions]
supplant to replace (someone or something) esp. by dishonest or forceful means.
transform to replace (a mathematical figure or expression) with another of the same value. [1/5 definitions]
understudy to learn (usu. a role in a play) so as to be able to replace another person. [1/3 definitions]
warranty a document given to the buyer of an article in which the maker agrees, within a limited period of time, to repair or replace the article if it is defective. [1/3 definitions]